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Otter Family Stamped Necklace, DIY Design

Otter Family Stamped Necklace.

Love otters? Make a mama otter and pup necklace for the mother figure in your life. Perfect for those moms who love sea life. Fun Fact: Baby otters, aka pups, can also be referred to as kits or kittens. 

Tools & Materials

Metal Stamping Tools Mama (or Papa) and Baby Otter Metal Design Stamp, 10.5mm - Beaducation Original
Metal Stamping Tools Simple Waves, Water, Metal Design Stamp, 8mm - Beaducation Original
Metal Stamping Tools Fat Heart Metal Design Stamp 2mm - Beaducation Original
Metal Stamping Tools Beaducation Exact Series, Vintage Tattoo Uppercase Letter Stamp Set 2mm, By Stamp Yours, Tapered Down Shanks
Metal Stamping Blanks Aluminum Hexagon 22mm (.87"), 18 Gauge, Pack of 5