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Lortone Tumbler, 3 Pound Capacity

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Designed for years of trouble free service, this 3 pound capacity tumbler is perfect for cleaning and burnishing your sterling silver, silver filled, copper, brass, gold and gold filled jewelry and jump rings. The barrel is made from a hard rubber to minimize noise. Weighs 5 pounds.

We hardly have any markup on this product, so it will likely never go on sale.

Stainless steel shot and tumbler sold separately. Click here to purchase a bag of stainless steel shot to use with your tumbler.


  • When first receive your shot, you will need to clean it. Tumble your shot with distilled water (about 1" above the shot) and about a tsp of Shine Brite for 15 minutes. Drain, rinse and repeat. This will remove any oils or dirt left on the shot from the manufacturing process. If the water doesn't drain clean after the 2nd run, repeat again.

Please read the manufacturer's pamphlet (included with tumbler) for proper care and maintenance of your tumbler.


Place your shot and jewelry in the barrel, then cover with water (about an inch above the contents) and add 2-10 drops of Shine Brite. Place barrel on tumbler and tumble away! Check your water every 20 minutes or so. If it is dirty, rinse and refill with fresh water and fresh Shine Brite.

  • Because everyone's water is different, we recommend only tumbling with distilled water.
  • Always rinse tumbler barrel and shot after every use and allow to air dry.
  • Do not store shot in the tumbler barrel. This is to ensure that the shot and barrel stay dry between uses.

This is a 3lb capacity tumbler. The combined weight of the water, your jewelry and the shot needs to be below 3lbs. If your barrel is not turning you likely have too much shot in there. You want your tumbler to be able to spin!

I tend to tumble for 30 or so minutes. To harden jump rings, tumble for at least an hour.

The Lortone Tumbler is the perfect tool for polishing jewelry. Its powerful motor and long-lasting rubber barrel combine to provide the perfect, gentle tumbling motion that quickly polishes and enhances your jewelry. It efficiently tumbles and polishes any type of jewelry, giving it a professional shine. It's an efficient way to clean jewelry, providing results up to four times faster than hand-polishing. Transform dull, lifeless jewelry into a stunning sparkle with the Lortone Tumbler! Add some shine to your life! This jewelry polisher is the perfect addition to your collection--it'll give your jewelry a clean & shiny finish, so you can feel dazzlingly confident wearing it. 

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