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Wood Dapping Shaping Block, 4 Round Depressions

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**PLEASE NOTE** - this is used for shaping soft fairly thin metal. We have been using it to dap blanks into dishes and sometimes that takes a LOT of force. If you are using this product for that purpose, please know that it will not last forever. It will eventually crack. The one we have in the creative studio cracked after we used the heck out of it. I glued it back together and it lasted longer but this is a tool that may need to eventually be replaced. We will not accept returns if it cracks after some heavy use. Thanks :)

Made of hardwood, this block is used to shape metal without marring. Each depression is 3/4" deep with a gentle slope. The diameters include: 4", 3.5", 3" and 2.5".

Here are some dap punch options to use with this shaping block.

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