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Citric Acid (Pickle)

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Citric Acid

  • Safer, gentler, biodegradable alternative to other pickles.
  • 2 lb bag.
  • This product used to come in a cylindrical container.
  • Now comes in an easier to ship resealable bag.
Fill your pickle pot with water, THEN add your citric acid (this order is VERY important!). You can use any tweezers with this solution. You can always add more water, but it is not necessary to add more citric acid until the solution stops working. It can be used for pickling silver, brass, nickel, copper and gold. Use warm or hot water for best results in removing fire scale. After taking your piece out of the citric acid solution, you can rinse your piece out of the citric acid solution. Rinse your piece in a baking soda water solution to neutralize any acidic residue.
Due to the copper content in your spent solution, if your septic tank is temperamental, take your solution to the dump or waste treatment facility.
When pickling nickel and brass, some of the copper alloy may surface. This can be removed with a wet brass brush, soap and/or fine steel wool. This solution will work for months on end, is non toxic and can be poured down the drain.

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