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Spiro Wirework Pendant

Create this beautiful pendant inspired by the spirograph and string art from days gone by. Start with a notched washer blank and learn the weave which will entrap and support your Swarovski crystal stone. Don’t be intimidated - it is easier than it looks!

Lisa's Note: "There isn't a hard rule about how many notches to skip, you can skip less to expose more of the stone or more to cover more of the stone...ya just have to remember to skip enough so that actually entrap and hold the stone enough to keep it from falling out. As a quick reference: on the small 3/4" washers I tend to skip about 6 notches and go into the 7th notch - and on the larger 1 3/8" washers I skip 10 and go in on the 11th."

This class has a run time of 32 minutes.

Tools & Materials