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Stamped Napkin Rings, DIY Design

Stamped Napkin Rings.

This is a great idea for anyone who loves to entertain! You can make this project for your own dinner parties OR make a set to give as the perfect hostess gift. With the help of two of our free classes, Stamping on Metal and Introduction to Riveting, you can have these done in no time.

  1. Cut a 2" wide by 4" long piece of 24 gauge sheet metal. These sizes can vary. The length will really be determined by how thick your napkin is and how big you want the opening to be.
  2. Stamp the sheet, stamp the plaques and rivet them together.
  3. Use your Nylon Jaw Bracelet Bending Pliers to shape the sheet into a circle and to slightly curve your blanks.
  4. Rivet them all together. Since these are all now curved, you will have to do this on a curved mandrel like a bracelet mandrel. You could also rivet everything and then bend but you might not get a nice curve under the riveted pieces.

Tools & Materials