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Stamping on Rings

Simple ring bands are the perfect blank canvas for stamped designs. Personalized bands are really popular, make great gifts and are fun to stamp. In this FREE class, you’ll learn how to set up your ring for stamping, along with tips and tricks for getting clear stamped impressions on the band.


hi I'm Lisa Niven Kelly here for

Beaducation.com and today we're gonna talk

about stamping on rings I'm going to

show you three different ways that you

can stamp on a ring and this is my

favorite way this is using a ring

mandrel on a sandbag so you've got your

ring on here that you're gonna stamp on

but the first thing I do is kind of

settle my ring mandrel into the bag so I

kind of make sure it also snug down in

there you can also use a plastic mallet

to do that and then I'm gonna turn it

this way actually when I'm stamping so

I'm gonna stamp the name Jack's on here

it's my nephew's name I'm gonna first

use the J and this is a J from our

tattoo to millimeter set and it is

perfect for these rings want to make

sure your stamp is nice straight up and

down right in the center of the ring

there and one good hit there we go now

to do the next letter you just turn it a

teeny bit and line the next letter up so

you always want to be working straight

up and down instead of trying to you

know work on the sides this is much


awesome okay let me show you the next

way to stamp on rings and I'll do the

last letter another tool that you can

use to stamp on rings is this very

appropriately named ring mandrel stand

that holds your ring mandrel it provides

great resistance because it's really

really heavy and very hard metal but I

just want to point out that when you

receive it this side of the tool

actually comes screwed in over here so

it's on this edge you have to move it in

one notch because to fit our ring

mandrel 's and these screws can be quite


it comes with an allen wrench but I

literally had to put that in lay it on

the floor so the allen wrench was up

like this and step on it and get it to

loosen so they might be tight but stick

with it they will open lefty loosey

tighty righty and then you can just put

it in this little notch here and it

holds this perfectly so again I would

want to orient it like this so I have

the right angle let's find the top so we

can get that last letter in the X

this will be a much louder than stamping

on the sandbag

the last way that you can stamp on rings

is to take your ring on the ring mandrel

and clamp it into a table vise so the

key here is that these straws have

plastic covers so they don't Mar up your

ring and they're closed right down on

the ring which is right up against the

ring mandrel you want to make sure it's

nice and snug otherwise you'll just be

distorting the ring and make sure this

is in here really really hard and

doesn't wobble around me at all and then

this table vise is tight up on this

table so now with everything nice and

snug on the ring mandrel tight in the


I'm just gonna put this little heart

stamp right there there we go okay now

the main bummer about using this tool is

that every time you need to shift your


you have to unclamp the jaws turn it


Andreea clamp down onto your mandrel



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