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Stamped Crystal Washer Necklace

This pendant is the perfect combination of stamped awesomeness and crystal sparkle! We love how layering one of our Swarovski crystal rings over a metal square washer creates this balanced piece. By punching strategically placed holes in the inner corners of the metal washer, we ultimately "sew" this pendant together with wire.

Step-By-Step Instructions
  1. Place your crystal on your metal washer and trace the outside edge of the crystal onto the metal. This line will show you the amount of stampable area available on the outer edge.
  2. Next, with a 1.25 mm hole punch plier, punch two holes in the inside corners of the metal washer. Place the holes as close to the inner edge as possible and close to one another on each side of the inner corner "point". Now punch the jump ring hole in one of the 4 corners within the stampable area (so the crystal doesn't end up covering it). There should be a total of 9 punched holes.
  3. After punching out the holes, stamp the metal washer.
  4. Oxidize and polish your stamped washer.
  5. Cut four individual, ten inch sections of 30 gauge wire. Be generous with the ten inches if you are new to working with wire.
  6. Thread a piece of wire through a hole and leave a 2 inch tail poking through on the back side. With the longer piece, wrap the wire through the center of the washer and up, around the back side and through the same hole. Repeat that twice on each side through each hole with the piece of wire.
  7. With the 2 inch tail, wrap the wire around the 2 piece section of wires. Go around twice to secure the tail, and cut the excess off. Take the longer piece of wire and wrap it around all four wrapped wireds. It helps to possition the wire around the previous wrap, on the outter edge. This will finish the section off and create a little "Y" from the wires in the back. Refer to the alt view to see the example.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 again for the other three corners of the crystal and washer.
  9. When all the wirework is completed, take a jump ring, attach it through the last hole and add a chain.

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