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Lisa We pride ourselves on bringing you the best instructors in the business! Each is an expert in their field specializing in a variety of jewelry techniques including metal, beads, wire seed beads and more. You all have seen their names and projects in books, magazines, national bead shows and even on television! All are known for their love of the craft and expert teaching skills.

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Lisa Niven Kelly

Lisa Niven Kelly
Our fearless leader and the founder of Beaducation Inc. Lisa has pioneered jewelry techniques with wire, sheet metal, seed and glass beads. She explores tools and techniques for handmade jewelry, mixing classical with modern techniques. For over 20 years, Lisa has spread the love of all things jewelry by traveling to bead stores, bead societies, private groups and national industry shows where she puts students in charge of wire and makes ‘em laugh. She is a regular contributor to Bead&Button, Art Jewelry, Beadwork and Wire Step by Step magazines. Students can also find her teaching online video classes at In 2010 her first book, the bestselling Stamped Metal Jewelry was published by Interweave Press.

To learn more about Lisa watch her VIDEO BIO!

To learn more about Lisa and her creations, visit her website,

Lisa's Video Classes
Mermaid Braid Bracelet
Tornado Toggle
Wire Jewelry Fundamentals - Wire Wrapped Loops
Perfecting the Wire Spiral
Stamping on Metal
Basic Loops
Coiling Wire by Hand
Fleur de Link
Making Your Own Earwires
Tornado Beads
Continuum Earrings
Say It On Your Wrist, Stamped Cuff
Coiling Wire on a Drill
Horseshoe Chains
Wrapped Head Pin Dangles
Spiro Pendant
Stamped Jewelry Design Ideas
ShaBangle Bracelet
Introduction to Wire Weaving
5-Minute Metal Stamping Tutorial
Riveted Bangle Bracelets
Metal Stamping Tricks & New Product - From Beaducation Live Episode 1
Soldering and Setting a Bezel Cup, Quick Vid
How to Mandala Stamp on Metal - From Beaducation Live Episode 3
How to Bend, Curl and Shape a Flat Ring Blank
How to Metal Stamp Flower Bouquets
Stamping on Rings
How to Make Soldered Jewelry, Episode #2 - Sweat Soldering
How to Make Soldered Jewelry, Episode #5 - Soldering a Basic Bail
How to Make Soldered Jewelry, Episode #7 - Soldering a Jump Ring Closed
Using a Wooden Dapping Block to Make a Stand for Round Objects - Timelapse Quick Vid
Dreamcatcher Suncatcher - Timelapse Quick Vid
Stamped Friendship Bracelet - From Facebook Live Episode 62
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Lisa + Mel Facebook Live Hosts

Lisa + Mel Facebook Live Hosts
Lisa Niven Kelly and Mel McCabe are the dynamic duo behind our ever-popular Facebook Live show. Both these ladies have been making jewelry for over 30 years. These two are a hoot. You can tell they love what they do (and they are not shy on camera, that's for sure) and their decades of jewelry making teaching experience makes them fun and easy to learn from. You can watch Facebook live on the Beaducation Facebook page as well as on YouTube and archived here on our site.

Lisa + Mel's Video Classes
Riveted Wire Bangle Bracelet - From Beaducation Live Episode 29
Stamped and Coiled Components - From Beaducation Live Episode 30
Designing Jewelry with Segmented Metal Stamping Blanks - From Beaducation Live Episode 31
How to Cut Metal Using the Disc Cutter - From Beaducation Live Episode 32
Tips for Riveting Metal Jewelry - From Beaducation Live Episode 33
Our Favorite Products of 2018
Making Wraparound Rings - From Beaducation Live Episode 28
Metal Coatings and Sealants - From Beaducation Live Episode 27
Handmade Wire Ornament Hooks - From Beaducation Live Episode 26
Stamping on Flat Rings - From Beaducation Live Episode 25
Adding Crystals to and Stamping on Pewter Ornaments - Facebook Live Episode 23
Perfecting the Wire Wrapped Loop - From Beaducation Live Episode 22
Cleaning Rusty Stamps - From Beaducation Live Episode 21
Tronex and Lindstroms - From Beaducation Live Episode 20
Playing with Engravers - From Beaducation Live Episode 19
Stamping on a Curve - From Beaducation Live Episode 18
Attaching a Blank to Chain Using a Wire Wrapped Loop - From Beaducation Live Episode 17
Polishing Metal Using Radials - From Beaducation Live Episode 16
5 Jewelry Making Resources - From Beaducation Live Episode 15
Texturing Metal with a Chasing Hammer - From Beaducation Live Episode 14
Quick Soldering with Solderables - From Beaducation Live Episode 12
Riveting a Metal Blank to a Leather Cuff - From Beaducation Live Episode 11
Metal Stamped Wine Charms and Bottle Tags - From Beaducation Live Episode 10
3 Tips for Metal Stamping with Design Stamps - From Beaducation Live Episode 9
DIY Ornaments with Metal Stamping and Engraving - From Beaducation Live Episode 8
Make Your Own Balled Headpins and Earwires - From Beaducation Live Episode 7
How to Make Your Own Earring Earwires - From Beaducation Live Episode 6
3 Best Ways to Polish Metal Blanks - From Beaducation Live Episode 5
How to Shape and File a Bracelet Cuff - From Beaducation Live Episode 4
Announcing Rewards Program and Special Orders - From Beaducation Live Episode 2
Metal Stamping in a Straight Line - From Beaducation Live Episode 34
Tips for Using the Power Punch Plier - From Beaducation Live Episode 35
How to use a Dapping Block - From Beaducation Live Episode 36
How to Make Stamped and Riveted Garden Stakes - From Beaducation Live Episode 37
Holiday Prep Planning & Adding Bling to a Metal Stamped Ornament - From Beaducation Live Episode 38
Adding Flat Back Crystals / Gems to Metal - From Beaducation Live Episode 39
Personalized Place Cards Facebook Live - From Beaducation Live Episode 40
MORE Personalized Place Cards Facebook Live - From Beaducation Live Episode 41
How to Open and Close Jump Rings Securely Facebook Live - From Beaducation Live Episode 45
How to Create a Brushed, Matte or Satin Look on Metal Facebook Live - From Beaducation Live Episode 42
How to Plan out a Design with Metal Stamping Facebook Live - From Beaducation Live Episode 43
How to Make a Bangle Bracelet with a Stamped Blank Facebook Live - From Facebook Live Episode 44
Mixing Up Letter Sets to Create Unique Stamped Jewelry - From Facebook Live Episode 46
How to Price Handmade Jewelry for Wholesale and Retail - From Facebook Live Episode 49
Shaping and Soldering a Simple Ring - From Facebook Live Episode 47
Scene and Mandala Metal Stamping - From Facebook Live Episode 48
How to Make Ear Cuffs and Toe Rings - From Facebook Live Episode 50
Tumbled Vs. Raw Metal Stamping Blanks - From Facebook Live Episode 51
How to Make a Stamped Mandala Disc Bracelet - From Facebook Live Episode 52
How to make Wire Ornaments or Sun Catchers - From Facebook Live Episode 54
How to Make Metal Stamped Personalized Bookmarks - From Facebook Live Episode 53
Metal Hole Punch Options - From Facebook Live Episode 55
Stamped and Wrapped Rings - From Facebook Live Episode 57
How to Make Simple Earwires - From Facebook Live Episode 61
Riveting With Wire - From Facebook Live Episode 59
Our Favorite Products of 2019 - From Facebook Live Episode 56
Stamped and Dapped Ring or Trinket Dish with Rita Pannulla From ImpressArt - From Facebook Live Episode 58
Metal Stamped S-Hook for Hanging Plants and More - From Facebook Live Episode 60
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Joe Silvera

Joe Silvera
Joe Silvera joins the Beaducation faculty with over 22 years of metalworking experience. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Joe achieved a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree in Metalsmithing from CSU Long Beach. It was there that he fell in love with jewelry making and wanted to make a career of it.

After moving back to the Bay Area, Joe met his wife Anat, who is also a jewelry maker. They spent a year living in France before returning to Northern California and opening a bead and yarn store. That store has since closed; they opened Silvera Jewelry School in Berkeley, CA in 2011 where they offer evening, one-day, and multi-day workshops in metalsmithing techniques.

Joe Silvera is the author of Soldering Made Simple: Easy Techniques for Kitchen Table Jewelers from Kalmbach Publishing.

To learn more about Joe watch his VIDEO BIO!

To learn more about Joe and his creations, visit his website,

Joe's Video Classes
Butane Torch Safety
Setting up for Soldering at Home
Polishing with Power Tools
Freeform Prongs
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Kate Richbourg

Kate Richbourg
Kate has fostered creativity in the bead industry for nearly 20 years through the teaching and development of classes at various stores and bead conferences throughout the country. Her jewelry designs have appeared in Bead&Button, Art Jewelry and Beadwork Magazines as well as in many books including the best-seller Stamped Metal Jewelry, All Wired Up and The Art of Metal Clay. She has made several appearances on HGTV's "DIY Jewelry Making" and "Craft Lab". Kate is the former owner of Beadissimo, a bead store in San Francisco, CA.

Kate is the author of Simple Soldering - A Beginner's Guide to Jewelry Making published in 2012.

To learn more about Kate and her creations, visit her website,

Kate's Video Classes
Introduction to PMC
Introduction to Riveting
Sawing Metal
Annealing Metal
Introduction to Soldering
Soldered Rings and Bezels
Simple Soldered Pendants
Stringing Fundamentals
Oxidizing and Polishing Metal
Soldered Rim Pendant
Stamp it, Dap it, Wrap it
Soldering Jump Rings
Drilling Stones and Found Objects
Beginner's Jewelry Soldering Tutorial
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Aisha Formanski

Aisha Formanski
Raised in the Midwest, it was there that Aisha's love of handcrafts was nurtured and supported, and gave her a great appreciation for traditional handcrafts. She studied jewelry design at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts and continues to build her knowledge of new techniques and materials. While making jewelry as a jobby (job-hobby) she has worked in the DIY jewelry industry since 1994. She also enjoys spinning yarn, dyeing fibers, knitting and dabbles in sewing. Aisha currently works for Beaducation on the Education Team!

Aisha is the author of New Directions in Punched Metal Jewelry: 20 Clever and Easy Stamped Projects published in the fall of 2013.

To learn more about Aisha watch her VIDEO BIO!

To learn more about Aisha and her creations, visit her website,

Aisha's Video Classes
Winged Heart Pendant
Sawing Your Own Metal Shapes
Riveting with Nail Head Rivets
Etching Base Metals
Riveted Tab Ring
How to Make Soldered Jewelry, Episode #3 - Stacking Rings
Punched Metal Jewelry
Soldered Bangle Bracelets
Tab Set Pendants
Soldering a Blank onto a Ring, Quick Vid
Soldering a Solderable onto a Ring
Stamping on Both Sides of Metal Blanks, Quick Vid
How to Solder on a Post to Make an Earring
How to Make Soldered Jewelry, Episode #1 - Intro to Tools and Materials
How to Make Soldered Jewelry, Episode #4 - Shaping and Soldering a Basic Ring
How to Make Soldered Jewelry, Episode #6 - Post Earrings
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Colin Mahler

Colin Mahler
Colin Mahler was introduced to the joys of beading at the age of 13. She has studied metalsmithing and glass bead making, and has earned a certificate for pearl and bead stringing through the Gemological Institute of America. After teaching herself how to do basic wire wrapping, she became fascinated with all things wire. Though the art of making chain has become her passion, Colin's first love will always be for beads and she loves to incorporate them into her chain creations.

To learn more about Colin and her creations, visit her website,

Colin's Video Classes
Chainmail Earrings
Crystal Elf Weave Bracelet
Introduction to Chainmail
Orbital Ring Chain
Byzantine Chain
Bicycle Chain Earrings
Open Round Chainmail
6-in-1 Chainmail Ring
Byzantine Sunburst Necklace
Charmed Rope Bracelet
Daisy Maille Chain
Helm Chain Earrings
Full Persian Chain
Square Wire Bezel Pendants
Byzantine Diamond
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Kim St. Jean

Kim St. Jean
With over 13 years of experience, Kim St. Jean is an award-winning instructor, author and jewelry designer. You can find Kim’s work in magazines, on craft television programs and in her first book Mixed Metal Mania. Editors and readers of Bead & Button and BeadStyle magazines recently honored her as a “Top Ten Instructor”.

Kim and husband Norm spend much of the year traveling across the country teaching classes at bead shows, jewelry schools, guilds, clubs, studios and stores. In between her busy travel schedule, Kim teaches out of her studio in Charlotte, NC.

Kim is the author of Mixed Metal Mania: Solder, rivet, hammer, and wire exceptional jewelry and Metal Magic: Etch, Pierce, and Set Striking Jewelry .

To learn more about Kim watch her VIDEO BIO!

Kim's Video Classes
Prong Set Pendants
Simple Hammered Clasps
Hammered Textured Metal
Metal Fold Forming
Bodacious Bangle
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Steven  James

Steven James
Long considered the alleged love child of Martha Stewart and Christopher Lowell, Steven James spent his childhood breaking his art teacher’s rules by coloring outside the lines, peeling the wrappers off crayons and making glue skin in the palm of his hand.

Steven is a full-time elementary school teacher, who has made appearances on the DIY and HGTV networks. He loves taking a break from his own routine and spending a few hours with adults, who will hopefully avoid picking noses, scabs or fights and focus on being as creative and inspired as possible.

His published work has appeared in magazines such as ReadyMade and BeadStyle as well as books from Lark and Kalmbach Press. He has spread his 'love of handmade' by developing craft ideas for TiVo, the Gap and the San Francisco Chronicle and various websites. He resides in San Francisco, CA

To learn more about Steven watch his VIDEO BIO!

To learn more about Steven and his creations, visit his website,

Steven 's Video Classes
Sit and Spin Riveted Pendant
Torch Enameling
Letterpress Torch Enameling
Torch Enameling Tips and Tricks
Holi-Festival Enamel Painting
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Janice Berkebile

Janice Berkebile
Janice has always been attracted to the fanciful rather than the practical. When she discovered beads her love was immediate. She is drawn in by the color as they gleam, glint and glow. Wire is the perfect companion to beads; it is strong, yet malleable.Mixing beads and wire is her artistic focus.

She teaches at local bead stores in the Pacific Northwest, including Fusion Beads and at national bead shows around the country including Bead Fest, Bead & Button, and BABE!

Janice teamed up with Tracy Stanley and authored Making Wire & Bead Jewelry: Artful Wirework Techniques published in 2012.

Janice's Video Classes
Dino Bone
Lilies and Leaves
Riveted Amulet
Dewdrop Pendant and Earrings
Classic Bangle
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Tracy Stanley

Tracy Stanley
Tracy Stanley brings her passion for organic elements and spontaneous discovery to her wire and metal jewelry designs. She enjoys passing her love of quality tools and solid fabrication techniques to her students in the many classes that she teaches. She began her teaching career over 18 years ago and now travels the country and the world teaching her unique wire and metal classes. Her projects can be seen in a variety of publications, including the book Stamped Metal Jewelry and Bead & Button and Beadwork magazines.

Tracy teamed up with Janice Berkebile and authored Making Wire & Bead Jewelry: Artful Wirework Techniques published in 2012.

To learn more about Tracy watch her VIDEO BIO!

Tracy's Video Classes
Stamped Charms
Riveted Ring
Frame It, Stamped & Riveted Pendant
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Jill Wiseman

Jill Wiseman
Jill Wiseman's everyday corporate existence was changed by chance encounter with beads in 2001. Her black and white world became full of color, texture, sparkle and shine and things were never the same. Soon after that first meeting she couldn’t contain her beady joy another moment. She began to share the world of beadweaving with others. Graduating to a full-time beadweaving jewelry designer and teacher in 2004, she hit the national teaching scene at bead shows like Bead & Button and Bead Fest, as well as bead stores and bead societies. Her classes are full of laughter and of course beads!

Jill makes her home in Texas, with her mother and two dogs and cats.

Jill is the author of Beautiful Beaded Ropes: 24 Wearable Jewelry Projects in Multiple Stitches published in 2012.

To learn more about Jill and her creations, visit her website,

Jill's Video Classes
Parisian Lights Bracelet
Ogalala Lace Bracelet
Sleek Bracelet
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Barb Switzer

Barb Switzer
I discovered beads in 1995 and found my artist's voice! Graphics, paint, fabric, print and collage all paled compared to the limitless possibilities of beads and wire. Beadwork challenges and combines my talent for color, detail, and engineering. In 2003, I moved from Seattle to Northern California. I now dedicate my time to teaching beadwork and have traveled to many places to teach. My work has introduced me to new students, beaders, and fellow teachers. The incredible experiences and new friendships make it clear that changing careers was the right decision!

From a single signature technique to nearly 15 classes, my repertoire has expanded as my skills have grown. In a venue where creativity rules productivity, I have found what I truly love: Beadwork. Mixing graphic design with beadwork to create instructions, I still manage to use those 12 years of graphics experience! Further proof that there is value in all things we take the time to learn.

To learn more about Barb watch her VIDEO BIO!

Barb's Video Classes
Edison Drop Earrings
Wire Framed Beads
Figure S Bracelet
Mendo Moondrop Earrings
Pinwheel Pendant
Highway Chain
Beadily Dee Beads
Jeweled Wave Bracelet
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Kriss Silva

Kriss Silva
Kriss Silva has been making jewelry since 1992 and teaching jewelry workshops since 1995. Although her passion is to create, it is also rewarding to share her designs and techniques with others. Her career changed in 2001 with the birth of her daughter. Balancing creativity and motherhood resulted in a new motto: "Design and create something beautiful with the ability to teach it, rather than make it a hundred times." Her unique jewelry mixes all types of metals, gemstones and colors resulting in designs that are definitely not run-of-the-mill. When not at her design table she loves to spend time with her family, husband Jim and daughter Blixa.

To learn more about Kriss watch her VIDEO BIO!

To see Kriss's most recent work visit her Etsy shop!

Kriss's Video Classes
Making Your Own Balled Head Pins
Herringbone Bezel Pendant
Introduction to Fine Silver Fusing
Woven Rings
Riveted Bracelet
Riveted Rock Band
Twisted, Knotted and Fused
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Danelle Street

Danelle Street
Danelle Street has been making jewelry for more than 20 years. She finds just as much inspiration in the intricate details of the architecture of a city building as she does the layers of texture at the beach. Whether it is the gritty sand, glassy water or colorful shells – it’s all shiny and pretty to Street. She has fun with all forms of media and it clearly shows in her work. Metal, gems, glass, paper…..put it all together and you get the city mashed up with the beach…..shiny and pretty, but not too girlie. As Head of the Design Team at Beaducation, many of Danelle's pieces are represented on the Design Ideas page.

To learn more about Danelle and her creations, visit her website,

Danelle's Video Classes
Folded Flower Pendant
Scene Stamping (aka Collage Stamping)
Folded Banner and Flowers Pendant
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Mel McCabe

Mel McCabe
Mel began making jewelry as a child, under the tutelage of her artist mother, Mary Ann, who passed her passion for gems onto her daughters. Although Mel has lived all over the country, she found her way back home to the San Francisco Bay Area to begin her official career in beading. Beads have always inspired Mel, but she earned her degree in Creative Writing from Saint Mary's College and has written five books, two that can be purchased on Mel now resides on the coast of Northern California with her daughter Ruby Lee.

Mel's Video Classes
Crochet Bracelet
Wrapping Briolettes
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Laura McCabe

Laura McCabe
Laura is a primarily self-taught beadweaver with an education in historical costume reproduction and restoration, and anthropology. She produces elaborately beaded body adornments that combine Native American, African Zulu, and Victorian beadweaving techniques with modern materials and color schemes. She exhibits her work in national and international beadwork exhibitions, and sells at boutiques and galleries throughout the United States, as well as through her website. She maintains a working studio in Mystic, Connecticut.

Laura is the author of Creating Crystal Jewelry with Swarovski: 65 Sparking Designs with Crystal Beads and Stones, The Devil’s in the Details, Laura McCabe Jewelry and Embellished Beadweaving: Jewelry Lavished with Fringe, Fronds, Lacework & More.

To learn more about Laura and her creations, visit her website,

Laura's Video Classes
Introduction to Seed Beads
Bag It
Dahlia Ring
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Lisa Claxton

Lisa Claxton
Lisa has been teaching bead and wirework for over 10 years. Her current work explores the use of textile techniques in wire, always incorporating beads as a focal point of design. She teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as several national shows including Bead&Button.

She serves on the board for the Northern California Bead Society and is a contributor to Bead&Button magazine.

To learn more about Lisa and her creations, visit her website,

Lisa's Video Classes
Ionic Column Earrings
Basket Weave Wire Centerpiece
Making Your Own Jump Rings
The Hug Ring
Spool Knitted Bracelet
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Iris Sandkuhler

Iris Sandkuhler
Iris Sandkühler spent thirteen years as an art professor in both two-and three-dimensional media; the highlight of which was developing the jewelry/small metals program at Georgia Southern University. Today you will find her teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area, traveling all over the United States (and worldwide via Distance Learning) to bring non-toxic techniques of metalsmithing to her students. Iris has exhibited internationally in places such as New York City, Berlin and Tokyo. The White House owns one of her pieces.

Iris is the author of Wire & Fused Jewelry Techniques published by Schiffer Publishing in 2010.

To learn more about Iris and her creations, visit her website,

Iris's Video Classes
Unsupported Viking Knit 1: The Rope
Unsupported Viking Knit 2: The Cage
Woven Bezel Basket
Peacock Chain
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Liz Jones

Liz Jones
Liz began beading at the tender age of 6 with her Girl Scout troop. After dabbling in costume design at Ohio University Liz finally began her professional bead career in 2001 when she started working at Byzantium in Columbus, Ohio. In 2004 she packed her beads and her dog and moved to Seattle, WA. Since moving to the west coast she has continued her professional bead addiction working and teaching in bead stores around the Seattle area. Liz’s love of all things beaded soon transformed into a love of all things wire and most of all mixing fire and metal. 2008 marked Liz’s debut on the national teaching scene and the publication of her first book Jewelry Studio: Silver Wire Fusing from Interweave Press.

Liz's Video Classes
Fused Clasps
Fused Scrap Earrings
Fused Flower Earrings
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Gail Crosman Moore

Gail Crosman Moore
Gail Crosman Moore is an artist, teacher, mother and small business owner. Her visual orientation precedes all things she beholds, often times calling for revision, or a manipulation in order to "line up with her sensibilities". She divides her time between creating her work, showing her work and encouraging others to create their own work, reveling in the spark and arc that travels between her interactions in these different and varied aspects of her life. Recognition of her abilities appears in print, both in trade publications and books in several different fields. Through the granting of awards she has been able to pursue new methods and master new materials.

To learn more about Gail and her creations, visit her website,

Gail's Video Classes
Felted Beads
Felted Treasure Pouch
Felted Acorn Earrings
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Debbi Simon

Debbi Simon
Debbi Simon, award winning artist, painter, teacher and author has worked creatively since 1993. She studied art and design at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD) Her jewelry designs have been published in numerous magazines and books. She is the author of the book, Crystal Chic from Kalamach Press as well as an Ambassador for CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements. She also teaches her mixed media classes at national bead conferences and bead shops.

Debbi's Video Classes
Bezel-Bezel Resin Basics
Resin Foundry
Mold it, Cast it with Resin
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Becky Nunn

Becky Nunn
Becky’s love for classic and elegant metal details began with an old building in Italy. As a foreign exchange student she was introduced to the world of antiques by her Italian host family who owned an 18th century home with several outbuildings. While exploring these buildings filled with cast off items that were collecting dust, Becky discovered forgotten treasures that awaited her. Old metal hooks (which she now uses for Christmas Stockings), gold leaf frames, skeleton keys, clocks and pottery were some of the beloved objects that she brought home with her and still owns 25 years later.

Becky designs products for companies throughout the world. She lives in the historic Victorian Seaport of Port Townsend, Washington with her husband and two daughters.

To learn more about Becky and her creations, visit her website,

Becky's Video Classes
Making Jewelry with UV Resin
Quick & Cute Glass Dome Jewelry
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Lucy Kelly

Lucy Kelly
Instructor, Future CEO & 'Metalist'

Born in the year 2002, Lucy is the youngest member of our faculty, and daughter of Lisa our CEO. This curious little chatter box has big plans to take over Beaducation. Give this girl some tape and paper and she can create just about anything. She has the jewelry making gene, but has abandoned 'boring' beads for metal, considering herself a self-proclaimed 'metalist.'

Lucy's Video Classes
Stamping on Metal for Kids
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Taryn McCabe

Taryn McCabe
Taryn has been able to combine her passion for art and travel by studying all over the world. She began her relationship with jewelry as a child at a camp in the foothills of the Berkshires in Massachusetts. At 18, she went on to study inlay and silversmithing at the Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute in Florence, Italy. She graduated from Alfred University with a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Glassblowing and Woodworking.

She spent time in Northern Japan creating large scale art, and studied shoemaking at Cordwainer’s London College of Fashion. When she returned to San Francisco she started her own hand cut leather jewelry business TOMgirl. She also received an MFA from San Francisco State University. Now Taryn enjoys her role as Design Lead at

To learn more about Taryn and her creations, visit her website,

Taryn's Video Classes
Stamped Washer Setting
Mandala Stamping
How to Mandala Stamp on Metal - From Beaducation Live Episode 3
Teacher Gift Ideas - From Beaducation Live Episode 13
Personalized, Stamped Picture Ornaments - From Beaducation Live 24