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Popular Brands We Carry prides ourselves on carrying the best jewelry making and metal stamping tools in the industry, so that you can take your jewelry making business or hobby to the next level just by checking out the products that we offer. Many of these brands you may have heard of before, but the benefit of shopping with us you may ask? Rewards points! has a robust rewards points program where you can cash in points from previous purchases for up to $50 (2,500 points) off your next purchase. Seems pretty sweet, right? Some of the popular brands we carry include:


Stamp Yours

Little Freckle

Swarovski Crystal

Fretz Hammers



Xuron Pliers

Lindstrom Pliers

Tronex Pliers & Cutters 

Looking for another popular jewelry making supply brand that we don't currently carry? Send us a note and if there's enough interest we may be able to start offering more products for you to purchase and earn rewards points!