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Jewelry Making Supplies and Tools

Jewelry Making Supplies and Tools

Are you a jewelry maker looking for a new supplier to buy jewelry making supplies for your next creative project? Beaducation has an endless collection of supplies and jewelry making tools for you to never have to look elsewhere for supplies. Whether you're looking to upgrade your current tools, we have the pliers, wire cutters, metal hole punches, and hammers for jewelry making in our collection. Maybe you're looking to buy chain for jewelry making, metal stamping blanks, solderable accents, jump rings, split rings, or other jewelry making findings. Whatever you're looking for, Beaducation is the one stop shop for all the supplies you'll ever need!

Our Jewelry Making Supply Offering

Chain for Jewelry Making: Curb chain, cable chain, rolo chain, and more, whichever style chain you're looking for, we're sure to have it in our collection. Offering both finished necklace pieces or chain lengths by the inch, we can help you take your jewelry making project to the next level with our beautiful chain. Our chain for jewelry making is available in sterling silver, gold filled, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, rose gold filled, and silver filled. Not sure what material chain will fit with your project? Take a look at our All About Metals page to receive a more in-depth explanation of what each metal material is.

Jewelry Clasps: Clasps are one of the last jewelry findings you'll need to finish a necklace, bracelet, or other jewelry projects. Some argue this is the most important aspect of your piece as it truly brings everything together (literally!). From lobster clasps, hook eye clasps, and even ball chain clasps, we have the clasps to finish your jewelry making project.

Jump Rings & Split Rings: We understand how important jump rings and split rings are as jewelry making supplies as final connectors for your jewelry pieces, which is why we offer so many! Whether you're looking for open jump rings, locking jump rings, or split keyrings, we offer these designs in a variety of metals inclusive of sterling silver, copper, gold-filled, and more!

Jewelry Findings: From rivets to ear wires, keyrings to earring posts, Beaducation has a large selection of jewelry findings to help with your next creative project. Whether you're in need of new bezel cup settings or bails for your charms, we offer the jewelry making supplies to help create your beautiful pieces! Offering jewelry findings in a variety of metals, we have the jewelry components to perfectly match your jewelry project. Looking for claspscharmsjump rings, or solderable accents? Check out our other collections organized just for you.

Metal Stamping Blanks: The best jewelry piece starts with the perfect metal blank. Offering one of the largest collections of metal stamping blanks, we have blanks in aluminum, copper, brass, sterling silver, gold fill, and more. Not only does Beaducation offer common shapes like metal discs, rectangles, and bracelet blanks, but we have a variety of die-cut shapes, cast metal ring blanks, bottle opener blanks, ornament blanks, and even no-touch tools! Regardless of what you choose, all of our metal stamping blanks are ready to be stamped and be transformed into your next creative project or best seller for your stamping business.

Swarovski Crystals: Do you want to add beautiful gems to your jewelry pieces that will help them sparkle and stand out? With our Swarovski crystal setting kits, you can add beautiful gems to your jewelry with ease using our crystal setting kits. All you need is to punch an impression, add a drop of Hypo Cement, and use our crystal pickup tool to place your gem. Add beads or crystals to your pieces to help take them to the next level!

Charms: By adding charms, you're adding a personalized touch to your jewelry pieces and stamped keychains. We offer a variety of Zinc base Nickel-free charms for use on jewelry pieces for those with a Nickel allergy. Not only that, but we offer jewelry making charms in gold-filled charms, sterling silver charms, stainless steel charms, and plated charms. Additional to our collection of metal charms, we offer the full collection of the Swarovski Crystal Channel Charms in all birthstones. Take a look at our collection of jewelry making charms, you'll find a design perfect for your next jewelry piece!

Jewelry Wire & Sheet Metal: Looking to get into the art form of wire wrapping or wire weaving? Are you looking to punch your own metal stamping blanks from sheet metal? Here you'll find our collection of wire and sheet metal. Whether you're searching for gold jewelry wire or silver jewelry wire we have the options for you. Not only that, but our sheet metal is available in copper, brass, sterling, and even aluminum. Whether you're looking to jewelry saw your own blanks or die-cut blanks, the choice is all yours!

Our Jewelry Making Tools Offering

Pliers & Wire Cutters for Jewelry Making: Just getting started in jewelry making, or have you been at it for years? No matter your answer we can all agree on the importance of pliers and cutters when it comes to jewelry work. Whether you're just getting started in wirework and need a needle nose or round nose plier, or you're getting started with metal stamping and need a nylon ring bending plier, we have the jewelry making tools for you. From chain nose pliers, needle nose pliers, flat nose pliers, & more Beaducation has the pliers and flush-cutters for your jewelry making project!

Metal Hole Punch: When it comes to your jewelry making project, your metal hole punch is one of the most important tools you'll need. Offering both singular handheld metal punches, and our more powerful power punch plier, you can punch just about any sized hole in your finished pieces. Our Power Punch has a seven hardened cutting dies to punch through thick metal with ease. You can punch through metals up to 16 gauge in thickness.

Jewelers Saw: A jewelers saw is an essential jewelry making tool if you're looking to cut custom shapes out of sheet metal. Being among the most vital tool for metalsmithing, this jewelry making tool allows you to cut intricate shapes and create holes in sheet metal like sterling silver, copper, aluminum, and more!

Metal Shaping Tools: Whether you're forming, bending, rolling, or shaping, our collection of shaping tools is great to shape your jewelry projects. Shaping tools are among the most essential finishing metal stamping tools, as they transform your pieces into ring dishes, bracelets, rings, and more. Whether you're looking for a bracelet or ring mandrel, dapping block for ring dishes, or forming blocks to shape your metal pieces, we have the tools to create beautifully finished metalwork.

Jewelry Files: Do your cut jewelry pieces have sharp edges that are keeping them looking unfinished? From metal files for jewelry work to sanding sticks, and even bead reamers we have the finishing and buffing tools to dull sharp edges on your completed jewelry pieces! Not only do we offer metal files and sanding sticks, but brass or steel brushes are a great way to clean and texturize softer metals.

Riveting Tools: Riveting is a durable and popular way to create cold connections in your jewelry pieces. Aren't you ready to take your jewelry making to the next level? Riveting mixed metal together or your metal stamped pieces on other mediums is a surefire way to improve the appearance of your finished work. If you're looking for a rivet tool for jewelry making, we have a variety of rivet piercing and setting tools that will make riveting a breeze. Just start out with some rivets, then you need a piercing and setting tool, and you should be good to go!

Jewelry Hammers: Every artisan needs a hammer, that's why we offer so many. Offering an array of jewelry hammers, we have the style you need to get the job done right. Need a hammer for metal stamping? We offer three different sizes. Looking to add some texture? Check out our chasing hammers and texture hammers. Carrying a variety of Fretz jewelry hammers, the Impressart Ergo-Angle hammer, and plastic mallets for straightening out your pieces, we truly have a hammer for every maker.

Metal Design Stamps: Offering an array of Metal Design Stamps for all your jewelry making and stamping ideas, we carry not only Beaducation Originals, but also ImpressArt, Stamp Yours, and Little Freckle. With hundreds of designs, your stamps can be used on aluminum, copper, sterling silver, and some can even be used on Stainless Steel!

Metal Letter & Number Stamps: Are you looking for a new metal stamping kit? Beaducation offers a variety of different metal letter stamp font sets. Whether you're a beginner or more advanced, we have metal letter stamps for every maker. We offer stamping tools for use on soft materials like aluminum, copper, and brass in addition to stainless rated metal stamps for use on harder materials like stainless steel. New to metal stamping? Take a look at our free online stamping classes to get all of the tips and tricks to perfect the art of jewelry stamping.

Soldering Tools: Soldering jewelry is the process of melting a metal alloy to its melting point to connect two pieces of metal together. Soldering and fusing are great if you're looking to create mixed metalwork, or just connect multiple pieces of the same metal. Soldering your pieces is a great way to take your jewelry to the next level, especially with our solderable accents.