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CLOSEOUT No Touch Door Opener, Rounded Top, Bottle Opener, Stampable, 88mm, Aluminum, Black

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No Touch Door Opener, Rounded Top, Bottle Opener Top, Stampable, 88mm, Aluminum, Black

  • 88mm (3.45") x 36mm (1.42")
  • Comes with 2 stylus caps. Glue the cap on after stamping. Squirt some glue into the cap before putting it on the tool.
  • Even though these are aluminum, the end of the opener does not work on touch screens without the stylus cap. The tip is just too small and not enough of the metal hits the screen to engage it.
  • The jump ring that attaches the tool to the split ring is not great. Our price was the same with or without it so we just ordered them with, but we recommend replacing that jump ring with a stonger jump ring or just connect the split ring straight into the hole in the tool.

To be clear, if there are germs on the door or button, they could then get on this tool so make sure to wipe off the tool before putting in your pocket or purse.

More Info:

  • If the blank has a protective film, remove it before stamping.
  • Requires a lighter hammer strike.
  • Lightweight.
  • Does not tarnish.
  • Not for soldering, but great for riveting!
  • We recommend a permanent pen, enamel ink, nail polish or Jax Aluminum blackener (these can be found in this section) to darken impressions (this does not apply to anodized aluminum).
  • Silver Black and Liver of Sulfur are NOT recommended.
  • Something about the polishing compound in Pro Polish Pads can sometimes cause a "cloudy" look on aluminum. For this reason we recommend using Sunshine Cloth to polish your aluminum and Rubbing Alcohol to remove any surface ink or enamel used to fill impressions.
No Touchy Tool

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