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Lindstrom Round Nose Plier RX7590

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Product Description
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Lindstrom Rx ergonomic handled series exemplifies state-of-the-art hand tool design, function, and performance. Jaw diameter is 3mm at the base and 1mm at the tip.

Exclusive Micro-Touch handles make complete hand control possible for precision work.

Exclusive BioSpring reduces spring tension during work which lessens fatigue and makes work easier and safer. Tension and opening width can be adjusted by moving the end of the spring to the desired opening in the handle.


The tips are very strong. However, if you are using the tips to manipulate metal and they bow slightly, that is an indication that you are pushing the tool beyond its limitations.

Check out our Replacement Spring that fits all styles of our Lindstrom Pliers.

I wish Lindstrom would also make a long round nose. This one is great but it only makes pretty small loops. If you want to make fatter loops, look to the German Long Round Nose Pliers, or for even bigger loops, look to the Wrap and Tap pliers, available in two different sizes.

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