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Rawhide Mallet / Hammer, 1.5" head

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This hammer features a heavy rawhide 1.5" head. A hammer of this size is perfect for hammering ferrous or non-ferrous metals, and is excellent for shaping and flattening.

Kim St. Jean uses this hammer in our Hammered Textured Metal online class.

This rawhide mallet is the perfect tool for jewelers and jewelry making. Made with a rawhide hammer head, this mallet provides a gentle yet effective strike for delicate materials. It's lightweight and durable design makes it ideal for creating jewelry without damaging any materials. Discover the effectiveness of a rawhide mallet for jewelry making. Perfectly balanced and crafted to last, our mallet offers greater control and precision compared to other mallets. Plus, its rawhide head won't mar surfaces. Achieve the results you desire with our superior rawhide mallet. Create beautiful jewelry with our rawhide mallet! Crafted from durable rawhide, it's the perfect tool for shaping and finishing your pieces. Jewelry makers will appreciate the lightweight but powerful hammering action. rafted from rawhide, this hammer-shaped mallet delivers the precise amount of force needed to shape and set metals, while its super lightweight design makes it easy to handle. Perfect for hammering jewelry with precision and finesse!


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