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Ring Clamp

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This high-quality wooden clamp has leather jaws for holding rings and other objects while filing, mounting, etc.

This ring clamp is used in our Mermaid Braid and Tornado Beads online classes with Lisa Niven Kelly.

Traditionally, this tool is used for holding/clamping rings to then be polished or filed. But I use this tool for coiling wire. You know how when you coil wire, the hardest part of coiling is holding the wire stable in your left hand (if you are right handed) while you coil with your right. I used to hold that part with my nylon jaw pliers to take some strain from my left hand but even that requires a bunch of force. With this ring clamp, you simply get the coil started and then hold that coil within the jaws of the ring clamp and clamp down hard on it to hold it still. Now you don't even need to squeeze the clamp with your hand, you just need to hold it lightly. As you build the coil, you may have to shift the clamp up so it remains no more that a few inches away from the newest part of the coil.

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