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Texture Hammer with 9 Interchangeable Faces

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Product Description
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This texture hammer with 9 faces is for use on non-ferrous metals. Just place sheet metal on a steel bench block or anvil and strike sharply. Use the small designs to pinpoint texture in a certain area, the large designs to cover a bigger area or use multiple tips to layer textures on one another. Each tip is easily and securely attached with a threaded collar. The tips are approximately 3/4" with various textures. Head weight with 2 tips is approximately 8 oz. and the overall length is 9.5".

Textures include: smooth, hatched, wide stripes, narrow stripes, checkers, single round dimple, single square dimple, raised dimple, and deep divot.

The only face not pictured is the smooth face. This is the same as a chasing hammer face.

This hammer is used in our Hammered Textured Metal and Bodacious Bangle online classes with Kim St. Jean.

We love this texture hammer. There are so many different looking textures you can make be just rotating the hammer or by striking the metal with several different faces.

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