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Classic Parent Ring as a Pendant DIY

mother's ring with kids names

We have a large selection of small rings (size 3, 4 and 5) for making rings to be worn as a pendants. Of course they can be worn as a knuckle ring or pinky ring. The sample is my personal ring and I actually wear it on my knuckle

Top tricks for stamping on rings

  • Watch this free Stamping on Rings class first
  • You have to stamp on a steel mandrel
  • Hold that mandrel tight in a clamp, stand or sandbag 
  • Use small letters and design stamps. Larger ones are too wide and you have to tilt the stamp to get the full impression. That can be very challenging.
  • Practice first!!! I can't stress this enough! We have copper and brass rings that are inexpensive and great for practice.
  1. It's a good idea to make sure you have room for your design stamps to fit nicely. Even experienced stampers will plan out a design before stamping it out. We have a perfect solution that is both low in cost and very helpful in planning for space, etc. Try our Aluminum Foil Practice Stamp Sheets.

  2. Scroll down the page a bit and you'll find Related Online Classes with Similar Techniques below. These are classes we've specifically chosen to help you make this project. If you're new to metal stamping, here is our Beginning Metal Stamping Checklist.

  3. Stamp, darken and polish. Tip: For extra shine and hardening the metal, tumble the blank before attaching to the chain. 

Helpful charts and guides

Tools & Materials