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Infinity Heart Bracelet, DIY Design

Infinity Heart Bracelet.

This is a Beaducation Favorite! Look at all the detail! Utilize your stamping, riveting, and metalworking skills to turn a simple heart washer into something really cool.

  1. Start by adding your texture with the Fretz Hammers or Texture Hammers and stamping out your designs with design stamps on both the small circle and all of the heart washers.
  2. It's easiest to line up all the washers in the order you want them in first. Starting from the center, and working your way out, punch a hole in the top and bottom of your first washer. Layer the hearts together and use a sharpie to mark where the hole will be on the next washer. This ensures the holes are in the proper spot for riveting.
  3. Rivet all the Hearts together. Check out this great Video  before you start! Don't forget the last heart gets only one rivet...the other hole will be used for a jump ring to connect the chain.
  4. Shape your cuff using a Bracelet Bending Pliers and your hands and gently coax it around. Remember you already worked the metal a lot with adding the texture so be careful not to overwork the metal making it brittle and break.
  5. Using liver of sulfur, patina the cuff along with the small copper circle. Polish off any excess with your Pro Polish Pads. Another great way to polish a piece is using a wet, soapy Brass Wire Brush.
  6. Add your jump rings and chain. On one side, we connected a small chain section to the riveted hearts with a jump ring and the other side of that chain connects to the clasp with another jump ring. The other side of the bracelet has a jump ring connecting another chain section to the riveted hearts. The small circle dangles from the end of that chain with another jump ring. The fit on this bracelet is adjustable by hooking the clasp into any of the chain links on the opposite side.

Tools & Materials

Metal Stamping Blanks Copper Heart Washer, 24mm (.94") x 22mm (.87"), 24g, Pack of 5
Jewelry Making Tools Square Face Riveting Hammer
Square Face Riveting Hammer
Jewelry Making Tools Round Face Riveting Hammer
Round Face Riveting Hammer
Jewelry Making Tools Fretz Precisionsmith Riveting Hammer w/ Square Face
Rivets and Findings  Aluminum Flat Head 1/16" Rivets, 5/16" Long, Pack of 50
Jewelry Making Tools Liver of Sulfur
Liver of Sulfur
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