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Xuron Maxi Shear Flush Cutter

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Xuron cutters are made in the USA specifically for precision applications. Xuron uses modern technology to make cutters of induction hardened tool steel, which allows this small tool to do the job that would normally require much larger cutters.

This tool is used in our Riveted Ring class with Tracy Stanley.

This heavy duty flush cutter cuts maximum 12 gauge sterling silver and 8 gauge fine silver. It also cuts 1mm flat wire.

These flush cutters utilize a shearing cut, with the by-pass cutting edges slicing cleanly through the metal.

When the cutters are closed they will not look like they are aligned. This is because of the by-pass cutting edges. This reduces the mechanical shock delivered to the component and requires half the effort to cut a wire as compared to conventional cutters.

The Xuron Flush Cutters are a jewelry cutting tool designed with precision in mind. Featuring a strong design, the flush cutters provide a neat, clean cut without leaving sharp edges or burrs. The comfortable ergonomic handles make using the flush cutters easy and effortless. Make sure all your jewelry cutting jobs are done with precision with the Xuron Flush Cutters. These flush cutters are a must-have tool for jewelry making. With sharp blades that are designed to make precise cuts, you can be sure of working with the highest quality finishing. The ergonomic design lets you comfortably use the cutters for lengthy sessions. Make accurate jewelry cuts with these flush cutters - the perfect jewelry cutting tool! Crafted from long-lasting steel, these flush cutters promise precision and durability. Perfect for detailed work, they will help you make the perfect cut each time. Our flush cutters are the perfect tool for getting the job done with precision and style! Experience effortless jewelry cutting with our sleek and sturdy flush cutter tool, perfect for any maker who likes to get crafty.

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