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Maker of the Month: Yvette Sanchez-Barreto

Maker of the Month: Yvette Sanchez-Barreto

For our December 2023 Maker of the Month, we are thrilled to feature Yvette Sanchez-Barreto, a seasoned maker from the vibrant city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With over 30 years of experience, Yvette has sculpted her creative path, specializing in crafting exquisite jewelry, accessories, and unique leather pieces.

Yvette's journey into the world of crafting began with a simple yet profound desire: to wear the kind of earrings she couldn't find in stores. From African print fabrics to seed bead earrings, wire-wrapped gemstones, and leather/faux leather creations, she experimented tirelessly. Over the years, her repertoire expanded, encompassing metal stamping, wire weaving/wire wrapping, beadwork, and more.

Cacica Yve AfroTaino Designs

Yvette's creations draw inspiration from the natural and spiritual realms. Elements, seasonal colors, and diverse shapes like moon phases, stars, evil eyes, and culturally significant calaveras infuse life into her pieces. Particularly captivating are her resin creations incorporating flower petals and lavender buds, as well as designs featuring dream catchers, spider webs, dragonflies, and monstera leaves.

What keeps Yvette enthralled in her craft is the joy of creativity, witnessing ideas materialize into tangible beauty. The satisfaction of people enjoying her pieces and finding cultural or personal connections adds a deeper layer to her creative fulfillment.

Yvette's creations are shared with the world under the brand name "Cacica Yve AfroTaino Designs." While she currently doesn't sell online, her pieces can be found locally, each one telling a story of cultural richness and artistic expression.

For Yvette, the journey doesn't stop at creating; it extends into a vision for the future. She envisions starting a small business that she can carry into retirement. Leveraging her expertise in Adult & Organizational Development, Yvette aspires to teach jewelry making techniques and workshops, both online and in person. She is also passing on her skills to her granddaughters, ensuring the continuity of her craft through generations.

Cacica Yve AfroTaino Designs

While specializing in earrings and pendants, Yvette's creative spirit extends into textile bracelets, headbands, rings, and ventures like cake decorating, painting, wedding favors, sweet sixteen favors, and candle making.

Throughout her journey, Yvette acknowledges the support from Beaducation. Tutorials, supplies, blogs, and tutorial videos have been wellsprings of inspiration, encouraging her to take creative risks and continuously expand her skill set.

Yvette Sanchez-Barreto's story is a testament to the power of creativity, culture, and the joy of making. As she crafts her path, she not only shapes beautiful pieces but also inspires others to embark on their creative journeys. Keep an eye on Cacica Yve AfroTaino Designs – a brand that encapsulates the essence of artistry and tradition.

Thanks to Yvette for being a loyal Beaducation customer. Do you want to potentially be featured as a future Maker of the Month? Fill out our Maker of the Month form here.

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