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Maker of the Month: Mary Blum

Maker of the Month: Mary Blum

In the picturesque coastal town of Marin, California, resides an artist with a passion for crafting exquisite jewelry that reflects the timeless beauty of the natural world and draws inspiration from the classics. Meet Mary Blum, a dedicated creator who has been perfecting her craft for two decades, and our Maker of the Month for September 2023.

Mary's journey into jewelry-making was not a predictable one. With a background in mediaeval studies and dreams of defending her dissertation, life had other plans for her. A year-long dissertation rewrite loomed on the horizon, and Mary needed a creative outlet to channel her energy. That's when serendipity stepped in, guiding her towards making bookmarks from antique brocade and vintage Murano glass beads.

Mary Blum Jewels

When Mary shared her unique bookmarks with her Head of Schools, they had a brilliant idea as they had no interest in a bookmark. Instead of bookmarks, why not transform them into earrings by adding a second dangle to match the bookmark's design? This suggestion ignited the spark that would ultimately lead her into the world of jewelry-making.

With curiosity as her compass, Mary delved into the intricate world of jewelry artistry. Her journey led her to the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, where she honed her skills and officially launched her business two decades ago. By day, she imparts knowledge as a Latin teacher, but her heart truly belongs to crafting stunning jewelry pieces inspired by the ancient world and the microcosms of nature.

Mary's creations are deeply rooted in her love for the classics and her fascination with the natural world. The manuscripts and art of the mediaeval period, along with the delicate details found in nature, serve as endless sources of inspiration. She finds beauty in the unfurling fronds of ferns and the hidden order within pods of seeds, drawing from these intricate designs to infuse her pieces with a unique charm.

Mary Blum Jewels

For Mary, the joy of jewelry-making lies in the process of transforming an idea into a tangible work of art using metal and gemstones. Even in moments of apparent failure, she sees valuable lessons and opportunities for future creative exploration. Her willingness to push the limits of her skills, especially when wielding a torch, showcases her dedication to constant growth and innovation.

Under the brand name of "Mary Blum Jewels", Mary continues to push boundaries in her craft. She constantly seeks to expand her stone-setting skills, with a recent focus on granulation in 18K and 22K gold on gold and argentium silver. Central to much of her work is the compass rose, an ancient directional tool with both literal and metaphorical significance, elegantly woven into her jewelry designs.

As an educator herself, Mary deeply appreciates well-crafted lessons. She enthusiastically endorses instructional videos from Beaducation, citing their logical, easy-to-follow, and highly informative content as valuable resources for her growth as an artist.

Mary Blum Jewels

In Mary Blum's jewelry, we find a captivating blend of history, nature, and artistry. Her pieces not only adorn the body but also resonate with the soul, connecting us to the ancient world and the wonders of the microcosmic universe. We're delighted to feature Mary as our Maker of the Month, celebrating her dedication to crafting timeless treasures that inspire and captivate.

Thanks to Mary for being a loyal Beaducation customer. To explore Mary's stunning creations and bring a touch of history and artistry to your life, visit Mary Blum Jewels. Do you want to potentially be featured as a future Maker of the Month? Fill out our Maker of the Month form here.

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